Winery to Consumer was launched in 2015 by Mariana, a wine lover, wanting to share her passion for boutique wines. Mariana, as an accomplished wine expert, has earned a certification in wines and spirits from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET).

Winery To Consumer’s portfolio is built upon these genuine wine producers brought to you with our Wine Direct model. It is the result of several voyages to the many wine countries around the world and taking the time to meet with multiple family-owned wineries. In order to pick the very best, a rigorous selection process has been established.

When looking for imported fine wines from around the world, you generally expect to find exorbitant prices from estates owned by multinationals. Therefore, you may believe that authentic winemakers are hard to find in the United States. This is no longer the case as Winery To Consumer’s portfolio is made of these unique wines that international consumers, such as Europeans, buy from the winemakers themselves, either directly at the winery or at local wine fairs.
Why our Wine Direct Model Is Different?
When you buy wine online from Winery to Consumer, you get fabulous fine wines and champagnes, and you pay only the wine direct price ("no middle-man").

The diagram below outlines our philosophy and how we differentiate from other wine retail channels. Because we take the time and put the effort to source our portfolio directly from top family owned wineries in each wine region, we deliver authentic high quality wines at an affordable price.