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Domaine de la Tourade, Cuvee Morgan 2011, Gigondas, Syrah, Mouverdre, Grenache Champagne Guillette-Brest, Brut Grande Reserve, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier Mixed Pack I (2 French Reds and 1 Champagne)
Mixed Pack I (2 French Reds and 1 Champagne)
Price: $96.70
Sales Price: $75.00
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The Gigondas, Cuvee Morgan, is a blend made of Grenache (about 80%), Syrah and Mourvedre., harvested from the oldest vines of the Domaine, many of them being over 70 year old and located on the 'coteaux' of Montmirail. The Champagne Guillette Brest Grande Reserve has 20% of reserve wines blended with 80% of the grapes from the 2010 harvest. It is predominantly made of Chardonnay (about 70%). Pay only $25 per bottle and get an amazing mixed pack to pair with your next multi course dinner (click to learn more about simple pairing ideas!)